BrowardPawnShops.com is an alliance of five pawn shops with three separate owners. Each of the three owners have worked or currently work together and share the same philosophy when it comes to the pawn shop business.

The one philosophy that separates us from our competition is that we store all our customer’s gold and jewelry pawns (loans) in a bank vault safe deposit box. This provides the extra security needed in today’s economic times.

Another service we provide that varies from most of our competition is that we encourage our customers or potential customers to call us and we will provide a phone quote to the best of our ability. We don’t want to waste your time, therefore if we feel that the item you have is something we would not take in our stores, we will be honest and tell you so on the phone.


In 1915, Henry Papper founded the first pawn shop in Saint Louis County, Missouri. His son Max, born in 1910, grew up in the business and became a second generation pawnbroker. They kept the business through good times and bad, including The Great Depression. Max’s son Frank, born in 1952, also grew up in the business and became a third generation pawnbroker. The family kept the business until 1969 when they moved to South Florida. While Frank went to school and tried different endeavors in both Missouri and Florida, Max Papper remained in the jewelry business in South Florida.

In 1981, Max and Frank joined forces with Brian Fabricant, a Philadelphia transplant, to form one of the earliest Broward County pawn shops originally called South Florida Gold Exchange. The store was located in Oakland Park on Federal Hwy (US1). Soon after, another Philadelphia transplant, Max Wasserman came onboard and South Florida Gold Exchange became Two Guys From Philly Pawn Shop. The store name was eventually shortened to Two Guys Pawn Shop which it is known as today. In 1984, Max Wasserman’s son Hal got involved after he moved from Philadelphia. In 1985, Brian Fabricant left Two Guys Pawn to move back to Philadelphia and in 1986, Max Wasserman left Two Guys to open a pawn shop of his own. Hal Wasserman remains at Two Guys Pawn to this day. Hal’s brother Brett co-manages the store with him along with his other stores.

In 1983, Max Papper and Frank Papper opened their second South Florida location called Deerfield Pawnbrokers, located in Deerfield Beach on Federal Hwy (US1). Frank’s son Scott now manages with him at Deerfield Pawn and is proud to be a fourth generation pawnbroker.

After Max Wasserman left Two Guys Pawn in 1986, he opened King Of Pawn which was located in Fort Lauderdale. In 1988, Max Wasserman sold King Of Pawn and founded Lauderhill Pawn located in Lauderhill on State Rd 7 (441). Max Wasserman still owns and operates Lauderhill Pawn to this day.

In 1992, Max Wasserman and Hal Wasserman opened East Side Pawn (Downtown) in Fort Lauderdale which is located on Federal Hwy (US1). Hal Wasserman owns East Side Pawn (Downtown) at the present time. Hal’s uncle Stan Dribin manages the store.

In 1995, Jeff Archer opened Harbor Pawn in Fort Lauderdale which is located on Federal Hwy (US1). Jeff learned the business while working for Max Wasserman in the early 1990’s at Lauderhill Pawn. Jeff owned and operated Harbor Pawn until 2009 when he sold the business to Hal Wasserman. The name of the business was changed to Fort Lauderdale Pawn and just recently changed to East Side Pawn (Port Everglades). Jeff Archer remains at the store as manager.